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Hello! My name is Adam Wetmiller. For 13 years, I’ve helped business of all sizes achieve results on the internet . Whether you are looking to generate more traffic through SEO for your South Florida business or looking to increase your conversions through proper UX/UI design on an international website, AHW SEO has the solution for you.


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Do you have a business in South Florida that could use more traffic? AHW SEO will increase your traffic flow year after year with our well researched and constantly evolving methods. Obtaining great SEO rankings are about so much more than stuffing a few keywords into content and crossing your fingers. To succeed in the highly competitive Fort Lauderdale | Miami markets, it requires a well rounded, well thought out plan. Led by founder Adam Wetmiller, AHW SEO employs a multi-pronged approach that starts with the design of an acquisition funnel and ends with solid sales growth.


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SEO & Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEO is a continually evolving process as the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly updating their algorithms in an attempt to provide top quality, relevant content to their searchers. AHW SEO will help you develop an SEO game plan utilizing white hat techniques that have proven results.

Viral Content Marketing

2014 set the standard in regards to what the major engines are looking for to deem your website relevant. The consensus was content, content and more content. Search engines are looking to funnel visitors to websites that have up to date content. Top tier organic SERP rankings can write your business a blank check. Obtaining those rankings is going to take some work but AHW SEO professionals will ensure it’s not in vain.

Social Media Management

Social Media has become one of the single most important aspects of digital marketing; it’s now a part of the South Florida SEO equation. 2014 was the year of content for search engine optimization. We quickly noted, to gain authority meant frequent engagement. Social Media provides the medium in which to accomplish this.

Traffic/Visitor Analytics

Every South Florida SEO that produces results is a number crunching junky. Data is everything in this game and if you’re ignoring your data, you’re ignoring your results. Not staying focused on bounce rates, engagement, page views, peak times, post reach or any number of the useful metrics at our disposal, is flushing sales down the drain.

Graphic/Web Design

Not all websites are created equal. In order to convert visitors into sales, our creative team will design your website with proven methods based on successful case study. The goal of any serious South Florida business should be to push visitors through their acquisition funnel, we’ll show you how.

Email Marketing

Building an email list and utilizing this gold mine to its fullest potential is a staple of any successful marketing campaign. From keeping loyal clients up to date with company news, to creating custom audiences on Facebook to retarget recent subscribers, email marketing and email list building will always generate traffic and ultimately sales in this competitive South Florida market.

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